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Merino wool washing and care instructions

Merino Wool Care - Merino Sheep - Merino Clothing Care Alpin Loacker Outdoor Blog

What is so special about merino wool?

Merino wool combines the positive properties of synthetics and wool, but does not bring the disadvantages.

It is soft, does not scratch, cools in summer, warms in winter, hardly takes on odors, is easy to wash, stores hardly any moisture and also very quickly releases it back to the outside. It is a natural fiber, that is - no crude oil or similar is used or needed for its production.

Compared to conventional wool is Merino wool very easy to care for and wash.

Individual products may differ in the care instructions, so better always read the manufacturer's washing instructions beforehand.

Here is a, in most cases valid, care instructions


Between 30 ° C and a maximum of 40 ° C in the delicate or wool wash cycle with a wool detergent (best: ph-neutral, without protease)The wool can withstand ordinary full detergent, but it can cause it to become "harder" in the long run. Do not use bleach or fabric softener! As a simple hand washing agent, a spray of shampoo is also sufficient.

Of course, it is recommended to wash dark and light products separately to prevent discoloration.

Zippers - always close before washing and turn the garment inside out. It is also advantageous to perform a wash cycle only with Merino wool products to fill.



NEVER TUMBLE DRY! Merino products simply shake out once and hang or lay up.


Prevent lint:

When making wool, shorter wool threads are always sneaking in between the long ones. These short threads can come to the surface over time where they felt into small knots.

Linting can be somewhat prevented if you Merino products sometimes put in the washing machine together with rougher products (e.g. denim garments). This way the knots are rubbed off before they even felt.



Garments should only be stored when clean - this prevents odors, stains and dirt accumulation. We recommend that garments are not hung up, but folded for storage. Furthermore we recommend a Moth protection in the closet.



Merino springs back to its original shape after washing, eliminating the need for ironing. Small wrinkles can be easily unhooked. If the Merino wool product yet need to be ironed, set the iron to a low temperature or a special wool program and be sure to turn a printed garment inside out.



As you can see. Merino wool a very easy-care natural product, which is especially advantageous on longer hiking tours or trekking adventures. We ourselves use Merino products very much and can only recommend them to you.


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