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What is a good outdoor is mat?

The right is mat is indispensable for sleeping outdoor - so there is Alpin Loacker The appropriate insulating thermal is mat for each area of ​​application and temperature. Whether foam mats, self -blown -out is mat or air mats. Our self -blown -out is mats, including Drybag pump sac, which can prevent mold and also be used as a pillow. It is important not only the comfort but also a small pack size for Camping is matats, as well as a small pack size, as well as high -quality quality of the materials. Always there: the sewn -on is mat repair kit.

The ISMATTE TEST - thick or thin is mat?

For the colder days of up to -5 ° C, our small and light light per is mat. This mat is filled with a high-florent synthetic microfiber insulation, which results in a real 3 seasons matt with an estimated R-value of 4.7. Perfect for the cooler trekking tours.
For the warmer days but also up to an outside temperature of up to 0 ° C, we recommend our light per is mat 6 cm. This outdoor sleeping mat is equipped with an 80g polyester insulation that keeps you warm from below and thus guarantees pleasant outdoor sleeping.
New in the range, our ultra is light foaming foam is mat Super Light Z. This weighs only 196g and is ingeniously compact. Made of soft IXPE foam, which is ideal for your next trekking tour thanks to the robust construction. You can use this ultra -light isolate foldable when camping as a base, as a trekking is mat or as a tent is mat.

What is the R-value an outdoor mattress?

The insulation capacity of a thermal is mat is measured by an R value. The larger the R-value, the better the heat insulation of the outdoor sleeping mat. If you put two is mats on top of each other, you can add up the values! The R value shows up to which temperature the sleep is captain is operational in order to isolate sufficiently.
Comfortable outdoor sleeping is also guaranteed for minus degrees.

How do I care for my outdoor is mat?

The foam isolate is uncomplicated for storage and only requires a dry place. However, the self -bladable isolate is somewhat more demanding. Self -bladable isoles should be stored dry with an open valve so that moisture may escape. This avoids mold and unpleasant smells. In order to maintain the outdoor equipment well, it is just as important to clean the outdoor mattress of dirt - without bleaching, or other additives. A mild detergent and some water helps best here.