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Alpin Loacker Carbon & Aluminium Wanderstöcke

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For most mountaineers, trekking sticks are irreplaceable when hiking. Our foldable touring sticks, as well as our aluminum telescope and carbon telescope hiking sticks are made from light aircraft aluminum or super light 3K carbon. When hiking and on trekking tours, as well as Nordic walking, the hiking sticks support foldable and extendable version when climbing and offer additional relief for muscles and joints.

What are the best hiking sticks?

Hiking sticks foldable or telescope hiking stick? In contrast to the telescopic sticks, the advantage of hiking folding skirts is that they are particularly compact and fit in every hiking backpack. Telescopic sticks can be attached to the outside of the touring backpack. When climbing climbing climbing or climbing routes, foldable trekking sticks are therefore extremely practical often belong to the hiking stock test winner - because for the more difficult passages they can be completely stowed away in the backpack and do not get caught on the rock or via ferrata.
Our Alpin Loacker Hiking sticks with a cork handle consist of four segments and are available in two lengths. Our telescope sticks have 3 segments to make individual size adjustment.

Set hiking sticks

An important topic when hiking: adjust the hiking sticks correctly.
The trekking sticks should be adapted to the site. The sticks should be set down longer and shorter when climbing. As a rule, the touring stick should be set so that the hand can easily grab the handle and the arm stands at a right 90 degree angle to the floor. The forearm should also be parallel to the ground. You can find more information on this in our Ausliche Wanderstock Blog post:

Carbon hiking stick or aluminum hiking stick - what do I have to pay attention to?

In addition to folding skirts, we also offer telescopic sticks and ensure a larger selection of trekking, mountaineering and skiing with carbon sticks and aluminum sticks. The light weight speaks for carbon trekking sticks. Aluminum hiking sticks are usually never as easy as the carbon models. Foldable carbon sticks have a lower weight, but especially in stony terrain, the sticks can be damaged faster. The somewhat heavier aluminum hiking sticks are a bit more robust and therefore recommended for ski tours and stony terrain.