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Your outdoor gear plays a big role in all outdoor activities. Whether hiking, mountaineering, camping or trekking: helpful accessories are always important. It not only facilitates your stay in nature. But also decides about your well-being.

The term "outdoor equipment" includes all useful items that you need on a trail. In addition to

  • backpacks,
  • sleeping bags
  • and tents

your outdoor kitchen, for example, is also one of them. The good news. In our range you will find high-quality outdoor utensils that should not be missing on any trail.

Why is good outdoor equipment so important for hikers?

If you set out on a hike without good outdoor equipment, you can quickly experience a miracle. Even in this country, the weather can change in a short time.

If you miss a turn or get lost, you may have to spend the night outdoors. Far away from civilization it is therefore always advisable to have a good outdoor equipment. With the right equipment in your backpack you have more security and independence.

Outdoor equipment: What utensils do I need for a multi-day hike?

If you are outdoors for a long time, you will feel at home everywhere with high-quality outdoor equipment. After all, you are on your own on multi-day hikes. So that the right flair comes up and you can enjoy perfect comfort, the following outdoor utensils should not be missing:

1. tent 

Even in nature a roof over your head can't hurt. A tent protects you from wind, moisture and unwelcome guests. Especially in the warm season it prevents the invasion of hungry insects.

Our light Tents have a low weight and a small pack size. So you can easily transport them and still enjoy maximum comfort on your hike. No matter whether tunnel or dome tent - at Alpin Loacker you will find different models and sizes.

2. sleeping bag

The sleeping bag is the heart of your tent. It gives you pleasant warmth even at low temperatures and reliably protects you from colds.

Our Down sleeping bags by the way, are all sustainably produced and designed for use in different temperature ranges. If you're looking for an all-in-one wonder, our 4-season sleeping bag is a good choice.

3. sleeping pads

If you don't want to miss out on maximum sleeping comfort when you're on the road, you should definitely consider a Isomat pack. The additional padding reliably protects you from back pain and ground cold.

4. outdoor kitchen

Especially on a multi-day hike, good food is important. It decides about your power potential and gives you new drive. Outdoor cooking is simply part of it. From Gas stove over Lunchboxes and Drinking bottles Stainless steell, you will find all utensils for your outdoor kitchen in our assortment.

5. hiking poles

In order not to lose the ground under your feet even in rough terrain, should Hiking poles should be part of your outdoor equipment. They provide optimal support and relieve your joints and muscles. Foldable Hiking polesYou can easily stow them in your backpack due to their small pack size and weight. For demanding mountain tours, however, you should rather use Telescope Hiking poles use. They are more robust and designed for alpine use.

6. backpack

For the transport of your outdoor equipment you best use a large hiking backpack. At Alpin Loacker you will find different models with 45 - 50 liters capacity.

What is the best way to transport my outdoor equipment?

With all the luggage, the question of the right means of transport quickly arises. After all, you do not want to mutate into a pack mule, right? Don't worry! Our mountain backpack offers enough space for your entire outdoor equipment. In it you can transport all accessories effortlessly and back-friendly.

How do I care for my outdoor equipment properly?

 After the hike is before the hike. To enjoy your outdoor equipment for as long as possible, you should care for it properly. For example, make sure that your tent and sleeping bag are not stored in a damp state. This way you can avoid the formation of mold.

By the way, you can clean all your camping equipment from heavy dirt with mild detergent and a little water.

What should I look for when buying outdoor equipment?

Especially when hiking, every gram counts. Therefore, your outdoor equipment should be as light as possible. A small pack size is also important so that you can store everything well in your backpack.

Since all accessories are exposed to the weather, the quality and robustness plays a decisive role. A high-quality outdoor equipment is weather-resistant due to the materials used.

So that everything goes according to plan on the road, you should check the intended use and ease of use in advance. Our outdoor accessories have been produced with a lot of know-how.

You can be sure: With us, functionality is in the foreground - with an excellent price-performance ratio. Because we value high quality in harmony with the environment. Outdoor equipment from Alpin Loacker combines functionality and sustainability.

Where can I buy outdoor equipment?

You can find high-quality and robust outdoor equipment online in our store and on site in our store.