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Buy premium telescope hiking sticks online

The right telescope hiking stick for all mountain fans - what are the advantages?

Compared to a foldable hiking stick, telescope hiking sticks are individually adjustable. Telescopic hiking sticks are designed so that the segments can be pushed into each other. Because the trekking sticks are extendable, they can be perfectly adapted to the body size and can be reduced in length quickly. When hiking, Nordic walking and trekking, the mountains ensure optimal weight distribution and protecting the joints. In steep and difficult terrain, a telescopic stick hiking stick can be easily attached to the trekking backpack so that you have enough hand to hold on or even climb.

How do I correct my telescope hiking stick?

In order to find the right ergonomic length for our light telescope trekking sticks, you should set them up vertically in front of you and stop at the cork handle. The hiking shoes should be dressed. Stands with your wandering sticks on a flat floor. The elbow should be at a 90 degree angle - then the floor is ideally set. Downhill it is recommended to adjust the telescope hiking sticks a few centimeters longer and are correspondingly shorter when climbing. Important: After setting the length, all closures of the mountain fix hiking sticks!

Light carbon telescopic stick or a little heavier aluminum telescopic stick?

Alpin Loacker  Alpin Loacker 

Alpin Loacker 

Our Allmountain telescope hiking sticks made of aluminum, as well as our carbon telescope sticks, will become a real all -rounder thanks to hiking stick. Whether as a ski touring floor, Nordic walking stock, cross -country ski or for trail running. The Hiking Poles telescope come with practical bag, which means that the trekking poles can be stowed away quickly and properly. Also included in the set: snow plate, sludge plate and rubber buffer. Quickly interchangeable and with guarantee. Certainly uphill and downhill - thanks Alpin Loacker.