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Do you already know the all-rounder for sports, everyday life & leisure? Merino is the material when it comes to your well-being. Thanks to its many positive properties, our sustainably produced Merino clothing from Austria is an absolute enrichment for your closet. Bet you won't want to wear anything else from now on?

Where does the merino wool come from?

Merino wool is a purely natural product. However, there are also clear differences in quality. Since your well-being and that of the merino sheep is close to our hearts, all merino wool ALPIN LOACKER Merino products meet the highest quality standards.

We use only certified merino wool from trusted suppliers in

  • New Zealand,
  • South Africa,
  • Argentina
  • and the Falkland Islands.

Our Merino sportswear and functional underwear is produced in compliance with strict guidelines 100% ecological and thus completely free of harmful substances.

We also consistently reject the use of mulesing. These painful practices are in no way in line with our values. Because the well-being of people, animals and the environment is our mission.

Our merino wool is certified several times:

  • (ZQ seal)
  • Woolmark
  • BSCI
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Anti Mulesing

What makes Merino so special?

Once you've enjoyed functional underwear made of merino, you'll never want to wear anything else. Directly on the skin you can feel the full potential of the natural product particularly well.

Merino wool is:

  1. Temperature regulating: It cools in summer and warms in winter.

  2. Antibacterial: Your textiles made of this unique fiber do not absorb odors thanks to its natural self-cleaning function. These are simply released back into the air. Especially on multi-day tours you can save unnecessary luggage.

  3. Fast dryingThe natural fiber absorbs moisture and conducts it to the outside. Since merino wool dries in no time in the air, you do not sweat.

  4. Soft and does not scratch: The high wearing comfort comes from the fineness of the individual fibers.

  5. Light: Merino wool is finer and short staple than conventional wool. This also makes it many times lighter.

Why are shirts made of merino so good for hiking?

Especially when hiking, comfort and functionality are paramount. Who would like to freeze or sweat. And the clothes shouldn't chafe, scratch or smell either, right?

All this will be the with ALPIN LOACKER Merino T-shirts for men and women will not happen. On the contrary! You are guaranteed to feel boundless, free and carefree in it.

How sustainable is merino wool?

One thing first: Merino wool is not sustainable per se. This is because it requires the highest level of purity, quality and animal welfare. We guarantee you that our
functional underwear made of merino and all other products meet these criteria.

We consistently avoid the use of crude oil and chemicals in the production process. You will also never find mulesing with us.

Mulesing is used to boost wool production. The sheep are mutilated in a cruel way. In our eyes, this practice completely violates animal welfare laws.

We consistently reject such ways of dealing with living creatures. Instead, we focus on real sustainability:

  • Through the renunciation of chemicals,
  • CO₂-neutral production
  • and the use of certified merino wool from loving and reputable farmers.

We source our wool from a reputable importer whose merino wool is subject to the ZQ seal. The seal ensures compliance with the highest international standards.

Does merino scratch the skin?

No. Unlike conventional wool, merino does not scratch the skin. Merino wool is particularly fine and elastic. On contact with the skin, the fiber in the merino underwear curls and gently clings to the skin. This ensures a particularly high wearing comfort.

Can I wear clothes made of merino in any season?

Yes, even if it sounds paradoxical at first: Even in summer, functional underwear and a trekking shirt made of merino is suitable for hiking. This is mainly due to the temperature-regulating properties of the natural fiber.

  • In summer it cools
  • and in winter merino provides cozy warmth.

How do I find the right size?

To enjoy all the positive properties, you should wear merino underwear and your merino shirt for hiking relatively close to the body.

If you are unsure about the size selection, you will find a detailed size description and corresponding information about the cut with every product.

At what temperatures can the merino functional underwear from ALPIN LOACKER wash?

Our functional underwear and merino clothing from Austria can be washed without any problems (without shrinking) at 30 degrees in the delicate or wool wash cycle. Use wool detergent for this purpose.

After shaking out, you should hang up textiles made of merino wool and NOT dry them in the dryer! There it is guaranteed to shrink.

What does a good merino baselayer set consist of?

From theMerino Boxer Shorts to the Merinolong johns ladies likeMen. With the basics you are perfectly covered. TheMerino socksFunctional underpants andMerino thermal topsensure that the basic clothing fits on the mountain. Because everyone knows that if the basics are not right in outdoor sports clothing, it can quickly become uncomfortable. Thermal clothing that does not dry and does not allow air to pass through, the body temperature balance can quickly shake. Because merino functional underwear dries quickly and wicks away sweat, this does not happen at all. Likewise Merino hiking socks, merino underpants andMerino longsleeves ultralight and therefore the ideal companion for any outdoor activity.

What merino underwear is available at ALPIN LOACKER?

The ingenious properties of merino wool serve not only ourMerino ShirtMerino longsleevesMerino Jackets - our mountain friends can enjoy alpine tours, hiking, skiing and other sports activities without theMerino Boxer Shorts andMerino hiking socks Men as well as ladies no longer imagine. Furthermore in our Merino Basics Set are ourMerino long johns men, as well asMerino long johns ladieswhich have CORESPUN Technology from our supplier Südwolle Group. This provides more stability of the merino thermal underwear and also increases their elasticity and durability.

What clothing from the ALPIN LOACKER Store can I wear over merino clothing?

Over Merino you can wear anything that is good and useful for you: