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You want to enjoy maximum freedom in all your activities and feel absolutely comfortable? Then you are absolutely right with our sustainable outdoor clothing for women. Whether hiking, trekking or other sporting challenges: our outfits meet every demand. In addition to an excellent fit, the highest level of quality and comfort, your appearance is not left behind. The noble and natural materials underline what you are: a unique power woman!

What makes really good outdoor clothing for women?

In addition to an optimal fit, other criteria also play an important role. After all, functional clothing should fulfill its purpose: To serve you well in any weather. Who likes to freeze, sweat or get wet?

Therefore, outdoor clothing for women must meet high demands on

  • functionality,
  • Breathability
  • and wetness protection.

These components determine whether you feel comfortable in your trekking clothing for women. We are aware of our responsibility. Our mission is your well-being.

For this reason, we focus on 100% sustainability and fair trade in the production of our collections. We use only high-quality materials and consistently avoid the use of chemicals. Only in this way can we guarantee the highest level of comfort and protection: for you & your environment.

Which outdoor clothing for women fits when?

Those who are out and about in nature at any time of the year naturally have different demands on their clothing than "fair-weather runners". Especially in low temperatures and wet conditions, outdoor clothing for women has to withstand a lot. How good that our collection offers you optimal protection in any weather.

  • With asustainable softshell pants
  • a waterproof hardshell jacket
  • and goodhiking boots you lay the foundation for your well-being.

So rain, wind & Co. can not harm you. And that in every season!

Especially in autumn and winter we recommend the application of the so-called onion technique.

  1. The basis for this is functional underwear made of merino. It is breathable, fast drying and temperature regulating.
  2. The material is also unbeatable for the second layer. Depending on the outside temperature, you can choose between a T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt and / or a merino jacket.
  3. Who quickly freezes should additionally under the hardshell jacket aInsulation jacket orMerino vest wear

Our sustainablePremium clothing from Merino for women, by the way, is designed for year-round use. It cools you in summer and warms you in winter. So you can do what you love in any weather: Spend time in nature.

What material is the ladies outdoor clothing from Alpin Loacker? 

Our heart beats for sustainable natural materials. That's why we only use premium merino wool. You feel this through a maximum of climate and wearing comfort. The natural product is indescribably light, soft and cuddly. Thanks to its quick-drying and breathable properties, merino clothing for women is suitable for any weather and any season. Our patented Corespun material mix provides for

  • maximum stability,
  • Elasticity
  • and durability.

The entire Alpin Loacker Collection is certified several times and is subject to our strict quality standards. We consistently reject mulesing. Instead, we rely on premium wool from reputable farms that treat their merino sheep with respect and love. Only in this way can we be sure that our women's outdoor clothing guarantees you what you deserve: the best.

How do I find the right size?

In addition to the highest level of quality and functionality, hiking clothes for women from Alpin Loacker also absolute accuracy of fit. You can simply orient yourself with the size selection on your "normal" dress size. This coincides with our size specifications.

Can the outdoor clothing for women be washed in the washing machine?

Every trekking outfit for women needs the first wash at some point. But do not worry. Thanks to the high-quality materials, you can wash it inside out.

  • Our collection of premium merino wool is washable at 30 degrees in the delicate or wool wash cycle.
  • Simply use a pH-neutral wool detergent.
  • Afterwards you just need to shake out your clothes and hang them up. Ironing is not necessary!

Other Outdoor clothing for hiking for women, however, you wash best with outdoor detergent in the outdoor program. Alternatively, you can also select the delicate wash program.

By the way: Thanks to the special properties you need to wash your merino hiking outfit for women relatively rarely. The material is antibacterial and hardly absorbs odors.

Where can I buy outdoor fashion for women?

You can find sustainable outdoor fashion for women in our store and locally in our store.