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On extensive hiking or biking tours, a tent is your ideal companion. Also on all other outdoor adventures it offers you a maximum of freedom. So you can sleep where and when you want.

However, your portable home should be as handy and easy to transport as possible. That's why more and more people tend to buy a lightweight tent. But what is there to consider and what advantages do lightweight tents offer?

What distinguishes a lightweight tent?

A lightweight camping tent is mainly characterized by its light weight and small pack size. Especially on hikes as well as bike and motorcycle tours, every gram counts. Our Cloud Up 1 person tent weighs just 1.34 kg including the included groundsheet, which protects you and your sleeping space from the cold and wet ground.

Lightweight trekking tents are therefore an excellent alternative to conventional tents. They are practical and at the same time offer maximum protection and comfort.

What should I look for when buying a lightweight camping tent?

Before buying a lightweight camping tent, you should consider the following factors:

The size:

First, consider how many people you want to accommodate in it. If you sleep alone in it, an ultralight tent for one person is enough. If, on the other hand, you are traveling with other people or need more space, you should choose a larger model.

Always keep in mind that the actual sleeping space is defined by the inner tent. The dimensions differ from the outer dimensions.

The material:

The material is also an important selection criterion. Conventional ultralight tents usually have a so-called PU coating. However, due to the heat treatment, the material structure and robustness suffer.

Therefore, we rely 100% on ripstop silicone nylon. Due to the silicone coating, our lightweight tents are tear-resistant, robust and have optimal weather and UV protection.

Our inner tents are made of breathable nylon with ventilation mesh. This allows moisture to escape from the air you breathe. In addition, you are optimally protected from mosquitoes and other insects. At the same time, the inner tent made of high quality material provides you with a

  • additional heat storage
  • and wind protection.

The shape:

If you want to buy a lightweight tent, you should decide in advance on the appropriate shape. In our range you will find tunnel tents and dome tents.

  • Tunnel tents, as the name suggests, form a sleeping tunnel. The poles run parallel to each other in the shape of an arc. Unlike dome tents, they are more spacious due to the shape and extremely light in relation to their size.

  • Dome tents, on the other hand, are reminiscent of an igloo due to their shape. Due to their construction, they are tightly stretched and offer better protection during rain showers, as the water can drain away well. Dome tents also offer better protection in windy conditions. Tunnel tents offer the wind with their long sides more attack surface.

The assembly and disassembly:

If you want to use your lightweight tent for hiking or on a bike tour, the degree of difficulty in pitching and dismantling is of course also crucial.

Tunnel tents are easier to set up and take down than dome tents due to their simple construction. They contain fewer tent poles and can be brought into shape more quickly due to the unique rope system.

Both trekking tents are anchored to the ground with the supplied tent pegs and fixed with the help of the cords.


To ensure that your ultralight tent doesn't leave you out in the rain, you should definitely pay attention to the specified water column. This value indicates how much water can act on the fabric before the moisture penetrates.

To provide you with optimal protection and sleeping comfort, our models all have the highest water column in this range. It is at: 4000 mm.

How do I care for an ultralight tent?

To enjoy your ultralight tent for a long time, you should remove any dirt after use to maintain waterproofness and UV protection.

  • Simply use a mild detergent and warm water.
  • Also be sure to use a soft cloth so as not to damage the material structure.
  • If your tent has become wet, you should let it dry first to avoid mold.

How much does a lightweight camping tent cost?

The quality of an ultralight tent is crucial.

  • A good dome tent for one person costs € 159.00.
  • The larger model is available for € 179.00.
  • For a spacious tunnel tent for 2 people the price is 269,00 €.

Where can I buy a lightweight camping tent?

You can buy a lightweight camping tent in our online store and on site in our store.

What products do I need to sleep outside?

So that you can also sleep at night sleeping outside well protected from the cold, are suitable Down sleeping bags and Camping mats