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ALPIN LOACKER Outdoor Wander Ratgeber, Wandern in Garmisch Partenkirchen
Geschäftsführer Alpin Loacker
Felix Loacker liebt die Berge und hat mehrere Jahre Erfahrung im Bergsport. Seit er denken kann, faszinieren ihn Gipfel und die unberührte Natur. In den Bergen fühlt er sich frei und lebendig. Sie sind sein Zuhause und ein Ort, an dem er seine Komfortzone verlässt, wandert, Skitouren macht, klettert & mit dem Mountainbike fährt.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen invites you with its diverse possibilities for hiking. If you love dreamlike tours through untouched nature and appreciate a breathtaking panorama, you are in the right place.

We show you the most beautiful hiking trails in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Get ready for idyllic mountain lakes and unique hiking tours around Garmisch!

Easy hiking trails in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch-Partenkirchen also offers numerous opportunities for an easy hike. We have set out for you and discovered the following tours:

Hiking trails around the Eibsee

A very popular destination for easy hikes in Garmisch is the Eibsee lake. The picturesque lake offers a perfect circular hiking trail with a magnificent view of the Zugspitze. Even for sufficient bathing fun in the warm season is well provided here.

But also in the winter offers one of the most beautiful Hiking tours in Garmisch a lot of fun for young and old. In order not to lose the ground under your feet on the partly icy sections, recommend Gaiters and Grödel.

Eibsee Garmisch Partenkirchen

Hiking along the Partnachklamm

Another highlight is a visit to the Partnach Gorge: An impressive gorge with rushing mountain stream and spectacular rock formations. The path through the gorge is well developed and leads through narrow passages and over wooden bridges.

The Garmisch-Partenkirchen Hiking Adventure to the Partnachklamm begins on Olympic Stadium and runs along the Partnach river to the Graseck cable car valley station. An asphalt path then continues to the entrance of the gorge and along the river via

  • bridges,
  • tunnels
  • and galleries with impressive views into the deeply cut gorge.

At the end of the gorge opens the Partnach river opens up into a wide valleywhich invites you to play and relax. Since it can get quite wet in some places and there are many puddles, are Rain jacket and rain gaiters recommended for this route.

A varied way back leads over Graseck. The route continues over steep serpentines along the road to Wildenau, back to the starting point at the Olympic Stadium.

The Partnachklamm is open all year round (you can buy the ticket on site or online). In the cold season, however, light crampons for hiking boots are definitely recommended to reduce the risk of slipping. Likewise, it is clearly cooler and Thermal clothing (e.g. Merino clothing) is recommended.


One of the easiest hiking trails in Garmisch is the Kramer Plateau Trail. Despite the approx. 10 km long route, the tour is doable all year round. The reason lies primarily in the low altitude meters

Only 300 meters of altitude and are manageable even for novice hikers without much effort. The hiking trail starts directly in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and leads past the Pflegersee to the finish point. Here is at the Almhütte mountain inn a cozy stop is also possible at the same time.


If you love the breathtaking view, you should definitely take a Tour to the Herzogstand dare. The "local mountain of Munich" is considered an absolute tour recommendation among hiking enthusiasts. The sensational view of the Alps you can either on foot earn or the cable car choose for the ascent.

Hike to the Wank

You'd rather go higher up? No problem! In Garmisch-Partenkirchen, altitude lovers also get their money's worth.

How about a Hike on the Wank? The proud 800 altitude meterwill be rewarded with a fantastic view of the Zugspitze and the famous Olympic ski jump. To make the rather strenuous climb easier for you, we recommend the use of Hiking poles

And if you are looking for a shortcut in between, you can use the middle stations. If you don't feel like a steep ascent but still don't want to miss out on the panorama around the Wank, you can also use the Wankbahn uphill. Downhill you can then again comfortably hike down

For refreshment is the stop in the Sonnenalm or in the Wankhaus during Garmisch-Partenkirchen Hiking is absolutely recommended.

More challenging hiking trails in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Many out-of-town hikers ask themselves. "How do I get from Garmisch to the Zugspitze?" We'll tell you! The famous Zugspitze is located in Muss. The peak season for an ascent is in summer from June to September.

Expert Tip: Caution - In early and late summer it can snow even at higher altitudes - thermal clothing is absolutely necessary here with constant temperature changes. Some routes - for example through the Höllental - become much trickier. Therefore, the right hiking equipment is also extremely important!

Here we have 4 challenging hiking tours in Garmisch listed, which lead to the Zugspitze.

1. the Reintal route

The Reintal Route is an easy route that starts from Garmisch-Partenkirchen through the Partnachklamm gorge via the Reintalangerhütte hut (1370 meters) and Knorrhütte (2052 meters) leads to the station "Sonnalpin". There is the possibility to shorten the way with the mountain railroad.

Overnight stays on various Huts are possibleHowever, you should inform yourself about the capacities beforehand.

Reintal Garmisch Partenkirchen

2. the Höllental route

The Höllental Route is the most demanding to the summit - it runs over the Höllentalangerhütte (1387 meters), which leads a glacier and a via ferrata. Absolute experience in alpine sports and the right outdoor equipment are here necessarily necessaryas well as a head for heights.

It is possible to book a guided tour with experienced mountain guides.

3. the via ferrata "Stopselzieher

Another tour from the series of most difficult hiking trails in Garmisch is the Via Ferrata. It starts from Wiener Neustädter and requires surefootedness, a head for heights, good physical condition and good outdoor equipment.

This climb is more demanding than the route through Reintal and less spectacular than the route through Höllental. Overnight stays in huts are possible. However, are often own sleeping bagshow a Hut sleeping bag and food required. Therefore you should inform yourself best in advance at the DAV about the regulations.

4. the Gatterl tour

The Gatterl-Tour is a hike in Garmisch. The day tour is 16 km long and leads over the Gatterl on the Border between Germany and Austria. It is one of the easier routes from Garmisch to the Zugspitze.

However, it is important to note that here you are still in high alpine territory. There is also the possibility to take the Gletscherbahn from the Zugspitzplatt to the summit. The path leads over

  • scree and snowfields,
  • past the service huts of the Bavarian customs guard,
  • to the managed Knorrhütte.

There is also a small via ferrata of about 100 meters in altitude to master, but it is very simple and easy to walk without a belay.


The selection of the Hiking trails in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is almost unlimited. Here, every outdoor enthusiast really gets his money's worth. No matter if you prefer an easy hike in Garmisch or if your heart beats for challenging tours: The region is hikeable for everyone!

Hiking trails Garmisch Partenkirchen


Which mountains can I see while hiking in Garmisch?

Depending on which tour you choose, you can marvel at numerous mountains while hiking in Garmisch, such as:

  • Zugspitze
  • Kramerspitze
  • Alpspitze
  • Wank

Which hiking trail in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is the most popular?

Easy hiking tours in Garmisch are particularly popular, such as the trails around the Eibsee lake and along the Partnachklamm gorge. No wonder! These routes require relatively little preparation and still reward you with gorgeous panoramic trails and great places to stop for refreshments.

Stay tuned and regularly discover new, fascinating content by reading more posts from us.