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ALPIN LOACKER 3 Jahreszeiten Schlafsack - Outdoor Schlafen
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Felix Loacker liebt die Berge und hat mehrere Jahre Erfahrung im Bergsport. Seit er denken kann, faszinieren ihn Gipfel und die unberührte Natur. In den Bergen fühlt er sich frei und lebendig. Sie sind sein Zuhause und ein Ort, an dem er seine Komfortzone verlässt, wandert, Skitouren macht, klettert & mit dem Mountainbike fährt.

Whether it's a balmy summer night, a crisp spring morning or a cold October evening - with the ALPIN LOACKER 3 seasons outdoor sleeping bag you are well equipped. Especially in terms of Outdoor sleeping you have with this model clearly ahead of the game.

For the following blog post we have the 3-seasons sleeping bag put it through its paces for you. Get to know the most important facts: Starting from the temperature range to material and handling. So you can form your own opinion based on the sleeping bag test.

3-Seasons Sleeping Bag Check: Our Test Criteria

Our Claim to a Sleeping bag is extreme high. After all, it serves as an outdoor bed and must reliably protect you from the cold. But even at mild temperatures you should feel comfortable in it.

In addition, there are other Test criteria such as

  • Weight,
  • Pack size
  • and processing.

Whether the Down Pro 3 can meet all these requirements?


Since a sleeping bag is primarily used for outdoor adventures, it must be correspondingly easy to transport. Thereby the weight plays a decisive role. After all, every gram counts on hikes and bike tours.

The ALPIN LOACKER 3 seasons sleeping bag absolutely lives up to the claim. With just once 860 gram it ranks among the Down sleeping bags lightweight. By comparison, a packet of pasta weighs 500 grams. Thus, the Down Pro 3 weighs less than 2 packets of pasta: a remarkable achievement.

Even lighter luggage manages theultralight 3-season sleeping bag in the 614 gram version. Look at the 3 seasons ultralight down sleeping bag right now.

Pack size

In addition to the weight, the packing size is of course also crucial for transport. To be able to transport the sleeping bag in the backpack, it must be possible to roll it up as small as possible.

The 3-season sleeping bag brings just a pack size of 27 cm length and 17 cm width with. Thus, he fits perfectly rolled into any hiking backpack.

The ultralight sleeping bag model has the packing dimensions25 x 17 x 29 cm.

Pack size 3 seasons sleeping bag


Next to the Sustainability also plays an important role quality of the materials plays a decisive role. The higher the quality, the more robust and durable the sleeping bag. In addition, the material also contributes significantly to your well-being. It should protect you from moisture and ground cold.

Therefore, in the 3-season sleeping bag are Down Pro 3 exclusively recycled 20D ripstop nylon and sustainable DownTek down processed. The innovative white duck down filling stays dry 50% longer compared to conventional products.

The ultralight model consists of

  • 100% recycled 10D RipStop nylon material
  • and the filling includes 300g DownTek PFC-free hydrophobic goose down 850 FP

Also the water repellent nylon provides the highest sleeping comfort in spring, summer and winter: completely without freezing and sweating.


When it comes to quality, material and workmanship go hand in hand. The best material is of no use if the workmanship is not right. This contributes significantly to water resistance and durability. The workmanship also has an influence on comfort.

Because so that the down can develop their insulating power, the Sleeping bag quilted be quilted. These individual chambers act like air cushions that act as perfect thermal insulation. However, this only succeeds if all seams are expertly set, as is the case with the Down Pro 3 and the ultralight model.


Of course, all the criteria elaborated so far contribute significantly to comfort. But that is not all. In order for you to feel completely comfortable in any weather, the lying feeling plays a decisive role.

In both models of the Down Pro 3 you really do have the feeling of lying in a cuddly soft cloud that protects, warms and carries you. Try it out for yourself right now.

What does the temperature range mean for our Down Pro 3 hiking sleeping bag?

The temperature range of a trekking sleeping bag tells you at what temperature you can use the corresponding sleeping bag model - without freezing.

With our Down Pro 3 Outdoor Sleeping Bag lies the comfort temperature at 4 °C. Likewise, we have tested our 3 seasons hiking sleeping bag at 0 C° in the Alps of Austria and did not freeze!

Opposite is theComfort temperature at ultralight Down Pro 3 at 6°C

Down Pro 3 seasons sleeping bag

Can the 3 seasons sleeping bag also be used as an outdoor blanket?

Our lightweight Hiking Sleeping Bag is available in different Zipper variants available: either as

  • right-handed
  • or left-handed sleeping bag.

If you need more freedom of movement, you can open the Down Pro 3 to the calf and use the down sleeping bag also as an outdoor blanket.

Keep in mind, however, that with a blanket sleeping bag the temperature range changessince no complete insulation can be guaranteed. After all, this way you are no longer protected from the cold of the ground.

Expert Tip: If you need a double sleeping bag, you can easily couple our left and right zip variants. So you get in no time a two-person sleeping bag.

What outdoor clothing can you wear in the 3 seasons sleeping bag?

Many mountain enthusiasts rely onMerino functional underwear. This ensures that moisture is quickly wicked away and the body temperature is regulated.

Likewise, it is pleasantly soft, which provides a high level of sleeping comfort. The antibacterial effect is a great advantage, especially for hikes lasting several days.

AtALPIN LOACKER you will find a large selection ofMerino clothingfrom

  • Merino Boxer Shorts,
  • long sports underpants
  • or differentMerino functional shirts.

Everything to make your night out as comfortable as possible.

How do I prevent wetness and what to do if my sleeping bag gets wet?

Although ourDown Pro 3 Trekking Sleeping Bag made of 20D water repellent ripstop nylon, but condensation due to body heat and humidity can not always be avoided.

The depending on terrain and weather conditions here can be aBivy sack can provide a remedy. It is 100% waterproof, which is almost essential, especially when sleeping outdoors without a tent.

If your camping sleeping bag is already wet, you should open it as wide as possible. Then hang it over a line, branch or fence and let it dry before you roll it up again.


If you value comfort, quality and sustainability, the Down Pro 3 is a good choice. Even in the extensive check, the 3-season sleeping bag passed all test criteria with flying colors. It is:

  • made from sustainable & certified materials (even meets the Responsible Down Standard).
  • suitable for left- and right-handers
  • high quality processed
  • extremely light with minimal pack size
  • robust and durable

Even under extreme conditions at 0 degrees in the Austrian Alps, the model convinces with outstanding insulation and thermal performance.


How does a 3-season sleeping bag differ from a 4-season sleeping bag?

A 3-season sleeping bag is optimized for use in spring, summer and fall and provides adequate insulation for those seasons. A 4-season sleeping bag, on the other hand, is designed for year-round use and provides additional insulation for winter.

A 4-season sleeping bag often consists of two separate sleeping bags - a thinner one for summer and a thicker one for winter - that can be combined to adjust the temperature range.

What temperature ranges does a typical 3-season sleeping bag cover?

A typical 3-season sleeping bag typically covers a temperature range of about -5°C to +10°C. This means that it will provide sufficient warmth at temperatures around freezing and also insulate adequately at milder temperatures in spring and fall.

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