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Grödel fur Schnee Wanderung und Bergsteigen - Alpin Loacker
Geschäftsführer Alpin Loacker
Felix Loacker liebt die Berge und hat mehrere Jahre Erfahrung im Bergsport. Seit er denken kann, faszinieren ihn Gipfel und die unberührte Natur. In den Bergen fühlt er sich frei und lebendig. Sie sind sein Zuhause und ein Ort, an dem er seine Komfortzone verlässt, wandert, Skitouren macht, klettert & mit dem Mountainbike fährt.

The equipment with the funny sounding name is a real asset in winter. Grödel offer you optimal support in ice and snow. You can use them in flat terrain and on hilly field and forest paths.

Anyone who was able to enjoy the safe protection of the Grödel Spikes with black ice no longer wants to do without them.

What are Grödel and what are they used for?

Grödel are the simplest form of crampons, which is why Grödel can also be called half -dough iron. you will be On hikes Used and give you an additional stop through your spikes. They serve

  • For safe walking in the snow,
  • To cross old snow fields
  • and pie on the icy.

On the contrary crampon As a rule, they only have four to six patches and have no front lags. But they are significantly easier and can be attached faster.

Grödel crampons have several advantages. You can With almost every footwear be worn and are relatively easy. If you want to buy Grödel, you will also be happy about the low price.

Perfect support with snow and ice - Grödel

Grödel are universal can be used. You can do them in

  • Alpine sport,
  • To tobogganing,
  • in everyday life,
  • On icy streets,
  • When fishing
  • And use hunting.
Even on wet and steep meadows, give you perfect grip.

There In contrast to crampons in front, Gödel no patches in front If you only use Grödel on relatively flat terrain and otherwise use crampons. You are more stable in these.

On top of that, crampons offer you more support for your shoes, as the patches are on the front. This allows you to drill yourself in ice and firm snow.

Spikes, Grödel or crampons: the differences 

Many people think:

"Grödel, crampons and spikes are all the same."

But that is far from it! There are between the models significant differencesas you will see right away:


spikes are colloquially called shoe claws. The Inexpensive winter equipment represents the simplest form of protection.

  • Spikes consist of a rubber that is pulled over the shoes.
  • There are robust stainless steel peaks on the underside, which are positioned on the heel. The heel spikes are particularly important, since people usually put their heel first while walking.
  • The remaining tunnels are under the balls of the feet and support the forefoot.

Spikes are only on level Underground Used and do not represent a biggency or crampon replacement. Spikes are not suitable for shoes with paragraphs and also not for soft floor coveringsbecause permanent damage to the floors could occur.


In the past, Grödel had about four to six jags and were in the middle of the foot. They covered only part of the sole of the foot. However, since this is very uncomfortable when walking, the models were further developed.

  • Both today's models it is about Chain, the withpag are provided.
  • They are connected to an elastic rubber ring.
  • To put on, the rubber ring is pulled over the shoes, which is much faster than creating classic Grödel crampons with belt binding.

Formulated casually one could say:

"Grödel are snow chains for your shoes."

As with "real" snow chain, there is a Braid made of stainless steel chain memberswhere there are additional jags. They are used on hikes and give stable hold onto the winter surface.

Since that Rubber very elastic is, these Grödel can be worn with many different shoes. These Grödel are also very well received outside of alpine sports. They are also suitable

  • To tobogganing,
  • For ice fishing,
  • To hunt,
  • Trail run
  • Or a walk.

Grödel correctly put on

Since Grödel Spikes are relatively light and space -saving, fit in every backpack.

If necessary, they are ready for use in no time. However, Grödel should never be used in the high mountains or on rocks. They give too little support because, unlike crampons for shoes, they do not have an front lagers.


As you know, crampons for shoes have more patches. The additional front ranges and a more particularly stable seat give you the highest level of stability. Here you really have to check whether your mountain shoes are cramped.

At crampon Doesn't go around if you open High alpine tours want. If there is always rock under the snow or longer distances on bare ice, the requirements for the resilience of the material increase.

Lightstough iron or Grödel crampons to use in this situation too quicklywhich can be dangerous on long routes. Especially on ski tours, you should definitely have crampons with frontal spikes on hand.

What should you pay attention to when buying Grödeln?

So that you enjoy your bigger for a long time, you should pay attention to quality when buying. Especially on icy paths, cheap -processed models cannot guarantee you an optimal hold.

So here you shouldn't save at the wrong end, because quality pays off. In addition to high -quality workmanship, this also includes first -class, stainless materials.

How do I find Grödel in the right size?

The most models orient themselves on the actual shoe size. There is mostly one of the bis area where you can orient yourself.

Thanks to the elastic material, Grödel-Spikes are very stretchy and can be easily created with a little skill.

How do I put on Grödel?

Strictly speaking, you can easily pull Grödel-Steigisen over your shoes using the flexible rubber, so that the patches point down. Since most Grödel models very easy to use is, you don't have to be cumbersome to the shoe at home.

Unless you choose Grödel to cord. Here you should definitely have a couple Do dry exercises, before you take the first winter hike with your new Grödel. The right lacing requires some skill.

Grödel tension

These models are tied to the respective shoe by belt tapes above the tension and at the back of the heel. You also have to adapt lace-up grödel to the shoe in width. The two -part frame is usually connected via screws. If you want to change the setting, loosen it with a wrench and then put it back on.

In general, Grödel should not be too loose, otherwise they can slip under the sole, which can be dangerous. The Grödel should not be put on too firm either, otherwise the blood circulation prevented the blood circulation can be. That is why most people choose Grödel with a flexible rubber frame that just have to be put on.


To find out which model is right for you, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the area flat, hilly or steep?
  • How much stop do I need?
  • What is the surface? Snow, ice or rock?
  • What is the handling of the respective model?

Less your preferences count, but technical specifications.

Light spikes For example, they are not suitable for use in alpine terrain. For small routes With light ice and snow May they give you good grip.

But for use on Dick icy paths and snow fields Spikes are not suitable. Here you should grab. Not only are these ready for use, but also offer you the best possible hold. For use in the mountains and on glaciers, we recommend crampons with anterior ranges.


How do I clean my Grödel?

Grödel are very easy to care for. After use, all you have to do is free them from dirt and let them dry. To prevent rust formation, you can also dry the Grödel and crampons with a soft cloth.

How do I really store Grödel & Co?

Grödel and crampons should always be kept in dry condition (preferably in a bag). A pack sack is often included, which you can use for storage.

Is there anything for children?

Depending on the size, many unisex models are also suitable for children's shoes. There are special models for children with both spikes and crampons.

What can you do about rust on the Grödel?

If you discover slight rust on your sizes, you can simply grind it away. Fine-grained sandpaper or a commercially available barter-sponge is suitable for this.

Are you looking for more? Then read on here :)