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Adjusting your backpack correctly is the basic prerequisite for a relaxed hike. This is the only way you can master every tour without discomfort. In the following blog post, you'll find out how you can best do this and how you can tell if your backpack is perfectly adapted to your body.

We will also help you with common Mistakes when adjusting your backpack to avoid. This will turn you into a pro in a matter of minutes. Ready?

Why is it so important to adjust a backpack correctly?

The correct setting of your backpack ensures that weight evenly to your body distribute. Thereby you relieve

  • your back,
  • Your shoulders
  • and the neck.

At the same time you maximize your own safety and avoid that your backpack chafes.

Especially on longer tours you will quickly feel the difference. Is your hiking backpack properly adjustedyou have no back pain and preserve even in rough terrain your balance

Otherwise the weight will pull you backwards or downwards. You need additional forcesto keep your to maintain your upright walk. This puts a strain on the entire musculature. Your back in particular suffers.

How does a backpack fit properly?

Your backpack fits correctlywhen the weight evenly on your body Distributed is. It should hug your hips and back as if it were part of you. As little weight as possible should be on your shoulders.

The Center of gravity must always sit in the back and hip arean, so that the stronger muscle groups can do the work here.

How do I adjust my backpack?

To adjust your body best possible to relieve and your to optimize your wearing comfortBefore you use your hiking backpack for the first time, you should properly adjust. With our step-by-step instructions, this will be child's play for you.

Step 1: Pack outdoor utensils

Correctly adjust backpack - Step 1

First pack some Hiking accessories utensils. This way you create realistic conditions. With luggage, your backpack can be adjusted better. Make sure that the weight is evenly distributed and that you have easy access to the most important equipment. In this way, you prevent one-sided stress and do not have to spend your breaks searching.

Step 2: Loosen straps

Correctly adjust backpack - Step 2

Then loosen all straps and adjustment buckles before you shoulder your backpack. This creates a neutral starting position and allows you to adjust your backpack optimally.

Step 3: Find hip belt position

Correctly adjust backpack - Step 3

Now find the right position for your hip belt. Place it in the middle of your hip bone. Make sure it is not resting on your stomach or your groin to avoid friction and constriction.

Then tighten the belt so that it carries the main load of your luggage optimally.

Step 4: Adjust the shoulder straps

Correctly adjust backpack - Step 4

Now it's the turn of the shoulder straps. Adjust them to your size. They should rest comfortably on your shoulders. It is important that you can stretch out your arms without any problems. If this is not the case, you should definitely readjust the good again.

Shoulder straps that are set too wide will slip while you run. If they are set too tight, they massively restrict your freedom of movement.

Step 5: Adjust the chest strap

Correctly adjust backpack - Step 5

The chest strap acts as additional stabilization for the shoulder straps. It is height-adjustable on most backpacks and should ideally be at upper chest level.

Pay attention to theWhen adjusting your chest strap, make sure that your chest can rise and fall easily when you breathe. If this is not possible, we recommend that you loosen the chest strap a little. 

Step 6: Align the backpack on your back

Correctly adjust backpack - Step 6

Once all the straps are properly adjusted, you can adjust the position of your backpack. With the so-called position adjustment straps, you can adjust the distance or proximity to your body. When adjusting the backpack, make sure that it is as close to the body as possible.

Expert Tip: Even during your tour, you can still adjust the position adjustment straps on the backpack. Here you can vary the load distribution by tightening or loosening to relieve your shoulders or hips.

Common mistakes when adjusting your backpack

When adjusting the backpack, sometimes mistakes creep in despite all caution. We show you common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

If the backpack sits too low, the back length is too short. This shifts your body's center of gravity backwards and most of the weight rests on your shoulders. Back pain is the result.

If the backpack is too high, your shoulder straps are too close to your neck. This is preprogrammed that your backpack chafes. Primarily your neck and your arms are affected. Therefore, be sure to adjust the back length of the backpack correctly.

By the way: To avoid mistakes when adjusting the trekking backpack, you should absolutely also pay attention to the correct packing technique in advance. Because an incorrectly packed backpack is difficult to adjust. Below the Hiking backpack Products we have compiled practical tips for you in a questionnaire for you.


Even if it may seem tedious and lengthy at first glance, it is important to adjust your backpack correctly. By the way, this applies to every backpack. Only then can you enjoy your tour without pain.

Always remember to adjust all straps and belts individually to your body. If you pack your equipment before adjusting the backpack and, depending on the outside temperature, also put on your jacket, you will benefit from good preparation during your tour.


How high do you wear a backpack?

When adjusting a backpack, sooner or later the question arises: How does it fit optimally? Whether you have done everything right when adjusting the backpack back length, you can tell by the fit. Your backpack should be at least one centimeter above your hips, while the shoulder straps rest comfortably on your shoulders.

How do you carry a heavy backpack?

In order to be able to carry a heavy backpack comfortably, primarily the packing technique plays a decisive role. The following applies: The heaviest loads must be transported as close to the body as possible.

To do this, pack heavy luggage as high up as possible so that it is centered at the height of your shoulder blades. In order to relieve your hips and shoulders as much as possible during your tour, you can change the setting of the straps and belts in between.

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