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Which lunch box is right for me? Stainless steel, plastic or glass?

Stainless Steel Lunch Box Kids Bento Boxes - Alpin Loacker

The market is just foaming over from various plastic-free lunch boxes. Many different materials, models, sizes, closure mechanisms, price levels, suppliers, etc. make the market just overflow. How do I find the right lunch box for me and my family?

There are several questions that would like to be answered here to find the right product for everyone.

Question 1 - what material should the tin be made of? Do I want to be able to have it in use for many years? Do I want it to be dishwasher safe? Should it be microwave or oven safe?

We would like to present here two proven plastic-free models - one glass and one Stainless steel. Both raw materials are manufactured plastic-free and are extremely durable with adequate care. Likewise, both glass and stainless steel is dishwasher safe. (Stainless steel sometimes tends to flash rust, should be other rusty parts in the dishwasher - if a stainless steel box or bottle with rust stains comes out of the refrigerator soak the affected container best in water with a dash of lemon juice for a few minutes and then gently rub the rust stains away with a rough towel or rag. - if you take the rough side of a sponge, it also works, but you will find scratches afterwards). Only glass is suitable for warming in the container. Food should not be heated directly in the stainless steel box.
This advantage may speak in favor of glass, but there are some things that should be considered, especially with the glass container. For example, most glass containers have a plastic lid, they are much heavier than stainless steel containers and they are usually not as collegial as stainless steel cans. In fact, these usually just take falls with a scratch or bump. Glass, on the other hand, tends to shatter.

Stainless steel





Plastic free

Mostly plastic lid

Dishwasher solid

Microwaves/ oven suitable

Weight light

Weight heavy

Question 2 - what are the different models and which one fits my needs best?

There are many different models of Bento Boxes. We would like to present here the most common ones - also our models in stock. ALPIN LOACKER has a wide range of various stainless steel boxes. Leak proof boxes, non-leak proof boxes, single tier boxes, double tier boxes, boxes with one compartment, boxes with fixed 2 or 3 compartments and boxes with variable bar with which the box can be flexibly divided in two, or not.

Bento Box Stainless Steel for Kids
ALPIN LOACKER - Choice of stainless steel products

At first glance, this may seem like quite a jungle of different models. In the course of our years of experience, we have noticed how many different needs and wishes there are. Our goal is to have perfect offerings for as many different customer needs as possible.
Of course, the whole thing also has something to do with sympathy and personal demands. To help you decide which product to buy, we have created the following table for you.


Double-deck, partially leak-proof

Not leak proof




Dried fruits




✔ - only on the upper floor


✔ - only on the upper floor

We do not use a sealing ring for boxes that are not leak-proof. Transported upright, this is usually not a problem. However, we cannot guarantee 100% tightness/leakproofness for these models.
The double tier boxes are only half leak proof. The upper floor is closed with a lid with a sealing ring and side brackets. The upper stick is placed on top of the lower stick and the long locking brackets connect the two.

Question 3: Different closure mechanisms

We have at ALPIN LOACKER basically two different closing mechanisms in our offer. Depending on whether the boxes are offered as leak-proof or not. The leak-proof boxes all have a side bracket closure. The non-spill-proof boxes have a lid to put on and press down. If necessary, the lid can be additionally secured with a supplied strap.


Stainless steel leak proof with handle

ALPIN LOACKER - Stainless steel cans


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