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Would you like to enjoy the luxury of dry feet in rain and snow? But heavy and bulky shoes are out of the question for you? Then hiking gaiters are the ultimate solution. They offer you on every hiking tour, on safari and duringmountaineering ultimate protection.

But what makes trekking gaiters so special? What purpose are they suitable for and how do you put on gaiters for outdoor use? You will find out all this and much more in the following article.

When are hiking gaiters useful?

On wet, muddy and stony ground, unstable terrain as well as snow, rain and ice lightWander Gaiters the ideal companion. They protect the transition between hiking boots and Hiking pants. Moisture, dirt and snow can easily penetrate there and cause cold feet.

Furthermore, the Mountain Gaiters offer additional protection from heel to knee. hiking pants, Hiking socks and mountain boots stay dry and their longevity is significantly increased. Gaiters also provide protection from rain

  • ticks,
  • Thorns
  • and bushes.

Hiking gaiters

What other uses are hiking gaiters suitable for?

Even if the name doesn't suggest it: Hiking gaiters are extremely versatile. Contrary to popular belief, they are not only suitable for hiking, but are intended for numerous areas of use. You can use trekking gaiters for this:

Gaiters for snowshoeing

The Protect with waterproof gaiters Not only protect you from rain and dirt, but also from snow. This makes it possible to hike even in deep snow. Moving in the snow is tiring.

Expert tip: Instead of wearing ski pants, it is more comfortable to wear breathable hiking pants and combine them with waterproof and windproof gaiters for outdoor use.

Gaiters for ice climbing and mountaineering

Gaiters can be worn when hiking in high mountains, but they don't have to be. In the high mountains you usually wear robust and reinforced trousers, so it is no longer necessary to wear gaiters.

If you don't have reinforced mountaineering pants or don't want to invest any money, then of course it makes sense to use gaiters against cold, snow and ice.

Gaiters in forestry

If you are a hunter, lumberjack or have a lot to do in the forest for other reasons, it may make sense to wear gaiters or leg warmers. With these you can introduce yourself

  • wood splinters,
  • pine needles,
  • Protect from mud and moisture.

Trail running

If you run on gravel, dirt, snow or especially on very demanding trails on loose surfaces, running shoe gaiters can be a great help.

When you walk and run faster, more energy is released and the dynamics of the surface and the shoe are completely different. More particles are thrown around, which have a greater chance of getting into the shoe.

Without hiking gaiters you have almost no chance on sandy ground. This can become a serious obstacle on long journeys if you don't empty your shoes occasionally. And seriously, who wants to have their running flow disrupted? We are not!

Cuffs for cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing requires breathable clothing. Your musculoskeletal system is constantly under heat. That's why you should be flexible Outdoors Clothing carry. Waterproof ski pants are too warm given the constant performance your body has to perform.

One Softshell pants in the Connection with gaiters is the right combination here. Sweat is transported to the outside through the very breathable softshell pants and the gaiters protect you from snow and moisture.

How do you put on gaiters for hiking?

Do you remember how you learned to tie your shoes? At first it probably seemed like a big mystery to you. But with the right technique, you quickly got the hang of it. It's the same with Hiking gaiters. But don't worry, with the following Technology Have you put on your rain gaiters for hiking quickly and easily:

  1. Put the hiking gaiters on so that the Velcro fasteners are at the front of your leg. The opening also points forward.
  2. Now adjust the tension lock on the upper shaft. The gaiters should fit flush, but not dig in when you run.
  3. Then close the Velcro fastener. The fabric should fit well inside.
  4. Place the instep strap buckles on the outside of your foot. Finally, adjust the length of the instep strap so that rain gaiters for hiking are flush with your shoes. Complete!

Are hiking gaiters waterproof?

The good news first: Gaiters are for outdoor purposes waterproof. They are like a kind of protective cover made of waterproof and robust material. Thanks to the impregnated coating, they reliably protect your feet and legs from moisture, snow and dirt.

What type of closure is best for my gaiters?

Rain gaiters for hiking are available with Velcro and zippers. While the zipper system may seem more comfortable at first glance, you should keep one thing in mind: Gaiters for hiking in short and long are included Velcro fastener always the better choice.

Because: You can do it customize individually. After all, not all legs are the same. Especially those who like to hike often have the right leg muscles. And the choice of trousers also plays a role.

Thanks to the Velcro fastener, chafing and pressure points are a thing of the past. You see: gaiters with Velcro fasteners are always the best solution!

How do I choose the right size for my hiking gaiters?

Gaiters for outdoor activities are always based on the Shoe size. At Alpin Loacker you will find two different size ranges:

  • Size M is suitable for shoe sizes 35-40.
  • L includes shoe sizes 41-46.

Thanks to the high-quality closure system, you can adapt the hiking gaiters perfectly to your leg shape.

Can you make trekking gaiters yourself?

If you are familiar with the art of tailoring, you can of course make your trekking gaiters yourself. However, you should keep in mind that you need waterproof and breathable material to achieve perfect protection.

These specially impregnated materials are expensive, so purchased gaiters are ultimately cheaper for you.

Advantages of our Alpin Loacker Gaiters

High-quality outdoor gaiters from Alpin Loacker are unique worldwide. Would you like to know what makes outdoor gaiters so special? Then convince yourself of the advantages now:

The three-layer, waterproof and breathable upper material ensures optimal protection without overheating.

  • Water column: 20,000 mm and 10,000 mm water vapor permeability
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • The extra wide Velcro fastener guarantees particularly easy putting on and taking off.
  • The adjustable TPU strap provides an extra dose of support on the hiking shoe.
  • Corrosion-resistant metal components
  • Sustainable material composition made of 100% polyester, PU membrane and BIONIC-FINISH ®ECO impregnation. 

Adjustable gaiters

Conclusion: Gaiters are a safe companion when hiking

If you want to be protected from the weather, ticks and cold feet, hiking gaiters should become an integral part of your outdoor equipment. They take up hardly any space, are quick to put on and stow away and are easy to care for.

Hiking boots, hiking socks and trousers are protected and their longevity is significantly increased, so nothing stands in the way of long mountain tours. Originally part of military equipment, outdoor gaiters are now part of all mountain sports equipment.


How do I clean my gaiters after hiking?

Slight soiling you can simply use a soft cloth wipe off. If the gaiters are very dirty, simply clean them briefly in the washing machine after hiking. It is best to use the outdoor or delicate washing program. Thanks to special outdoor detergent and subsequent impregnation, you can even extend the lifespan of your hiking gaiters by washing them.

Can I wear gaiters with normal shoes when hiking?

Of course, you can also combine hiking gaiters with normal shoes to protect yourself from wet and snow on the way to work, for example. However, when hiking or even on a high-altitude tour, you should not wear sneakers, but rather hiking shoes. This way you can avoid blisters and pressure points and enjoy a secure hold on all your journeys.