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Sustainable premium down sleeping bags from Alpin Loacker

Buy light down sleeping bags online

A sleeping bag for every season

The Down Pro 3 Three Seasons Sleeping Sack Ultralight is the ideal spring, summer and autumn ducks down sleeping bag. The duck -down insulation ensures small air cushions that do not easily escape the heat. The ripstop nylon is absolutely water -repellent. Comfort temperature 4 ° C comfort limit 0 ° C.

The bivouac bag - the light and waterproof rescue ceiling

Our bivouac sleeping bags are important in emergencies and should not be missing on any hike - the ultra light rescue ceiling is windproof and waterproof. The film also reflects 90%of body heat radiation. Including pack bag and a small carabiner.

Light down summer sleeping bags

In the summer sleeping bags category, our ultra light summer sleeping bag is the ideal companion on warm days. Whether as a hut sleeping bag or even hostel sleeping bag - the material composition ensures high comfort. Also perfectly used as a guest sleeping bag and youth hostel sleeping bag, as well as a pilgrimage sleeping bag.

Down hibernation bags with sustainable Daune

Our Alpin Loacker Down Pro 4 hibernation bags and thermo sleeping bags are ideal for higher -lying trekking peaks and for camping in deep winter. There this generously dimensioned winter sleeping bag offers a lot of warmth and protection. Despite the very well -insulating function, you get a light year of down with the Down Pro 4 sleeping bag that can be used in many ways