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Alpin Loacker Buy wandering folding rocks online

How exactly do foldable hiking sticks work?

Trekking folding sticks are foldable hiking sticks that convince with light weight and a small pack size. The segments of the hiking sticks are foldable inside with a robust rope and can be attached with a few simple handles and push button. The ergonomic cork handle is easy to assemble and can also be removed again. After use, they are simply folded back and can therefore be stowed away in space -saving in any hiking backpack.

What materials is a foldable trekking stick?

Our Alpin Loacker Hiking sticks are foldable either from high -quality, light carbon or ultra -light aircraft aluminum. A carbon hiking stick convinces with ease and high rigidity, which ensures that vibrations are better absorbed. It is therefore a little more expensive from conventional hiking stick materials. An aluminum hiking stick, on the other hand, is heavier than the carbon version. They have less rigidity and vibrations are passed on instead of absorbed. The advantage is that the aluminum folding stick bends less frequently at higher loads and tends less to break. Ideal for ski tours or extreme terrain.

When should I choose folding sticks?

If a small packing mass and light weight are important, you are exactly right with a foldable hiking stick. Regardless of whether it is a multi -day mountain tour, ski tour, trail running or Nordic walking - it is easier to travel with a foldable trekking hiking stick, protect the endurance and joints and thus ensure more efficiency with every outdoor adventure.

Our Alpin Loacker Wander folding rocks - including accessories

All of our hiking poles come with free bag - so you can easily transport the foldable mountain hiking stick anywhere. The hiking backpack does not become dirty and all parts have been stowed together. The trekking poles also come with snow plates, sludge plates and rubber buffers, which makes them an all -rounder. No matter whether foldable Nordic walking stock, ski touring stock or trekking stick. With Alpin Loacker Come up and down on every mountain safely and gentle on the joints.