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Made in Austria: quality and tradition from the Alps

Are you looking for high-quality products to accompany you in your outdoor activities? Then you are exactly right here. In this category you will find a selection of items that all have one thing in common: they are Made in Austria. This means that they were made in Austria, under strict quality standards and with great attention to detail. We would like to introduce you to some of our products that you can order here:

  • A backpack is your faithful companion on every tour. It should be spacious, robust and comfortable. They have a classic design and are available in different colors. They offer you enough space for your equipment and have practical compartments and straps. You can choose between different models, from Mountain backpack until Dyneema backpack, choose depending on how big you want your backpack to be.
  • A hat is a fashion accessory that protects you from the cold and sun. It should be soft, warm and comfortable. Our hats are knitted from pure wool. They have a timeless design and are available in different colors. They go with every outfit and are ideal for every season. You can choose between different models depending on how you want to wear your hat.
  • A Helmet net is a practical addition to your backpack if you don't want or need to wear your helmet on your head. It allows you to securely and easily attach your helmet to your backpack without it getting in the way or being damaged. Our helmet nets are made of elastic and flexible material that adapts to all types of helmets and backpacks. They are easy to use and available in different colors.

Conclusion: Made in Austria is more than just a label. It is a promise of quality and tradition from the Alps. If you're looking for products to support you on your outdoor adventures, then you've come to the right place. Take a look at our products and find the right one for you. We hope you enjoy shopping!

Supporting Austrian Clothing Brands

ALPIN LOACKER - Outdoor equipment made in Austria

Sustainable outdoor brand from Austria

The products of our made in Austria line are all made of high -quality materials and are 100% Austrian handicrafts in our in -house, local tailoring. We can present you with cultural and hygiene bags, mountain growing bags, as well as sustainable outdoor clothing in Austria. We have also developed a new, waterproof abdominal or hip pocket. Another highlight - the new Dyneema® Drybag. This outdoor pack sack impresses with its 100%watertightness.
We get raw materials from companies that we process and which in turn are sent to our end users. This creates both transport routes and a lot of “garbage”. In order to counteract this negative and environmentally stressful circulation, we have developed a renewable approach that is gently and strain to be avoiding resources. Sustainable outdoor clothing and outdoor equipment made in Austria - at a fair price!

Repair instead of throwing away

Likewise, not only new products are manufactured in our workshop. We offer our repair service for more sustainability in outdoor. As far as possible, defective products and mountain sports clothing are repaired by us or spare parts are sent. From hiking stick repair to the hole in the T-shirt. A product is only thrown away in the "emergency".