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This time we would like to introduce you to a very special heart project of ours. As you have probably already noticed, sustainability, conservation of resources and value creation as close as possible to our hearts. For this reason, we have dared to open our own small tailor shop. We were able to get an excellent dressmaker in our company and are now for several weeks on the development and now the production of our own Alpin Loacker product line. We have decided to start with a line of rather small, everyday products. But we would like to go even higher... As we all know, dreaming is allowed... 😊

The new products are all made of high quality materials and are 100% handmade in our own workshop. Alpin Loacker tailoring. We may present you culture, hygiene or even toilet bag - so the most common names for a packaging container of bathroom items. We have also developed a high quality waterproof waist bag. Last but not least we would like to present our personal highlight - the Dyneema® Drybag. This pack bag impresses with its 100% waterproofness (mind you, water from above, for long-term immersion in water or even for scuba diving, it is not suitable!)

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