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Stainless steel thermos bottle
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Stainless steel drinking bottle
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Light gas cooker, stainless steel bentoboxes, drinking bottles and titanium dishes of Alpin Loacker

Buy Camping Kocher and Outdoor Kocher online

Buy Camping Kocher and Outdoor Kocher

For every outdoor fan also applies here - the smaller and lighter, the better. That is why our camping gas cooker Set Storm Kit Pro and our ultra light camping cooker 2.0 consists of high -quality titanium. Compared to a usual alcohol or benzincocher, we deliberately chose a camping gas cartridges Kocher with a deterrent cartridge. These can thus be stowed away, are ultra -light and the ideal companion for every outdoor kitchen and camping equipment. On long hiking tours in the mountains and traveling on camping, you shouldn't have to do without a warm meal! All a camping cook system needs are the right gas cartridges, a camping stove pot, camping dishes and favorite ingredients!

Environmentally friendly camping cutlery and outdoor lunch boxes? Our outdoor dishes made of stainless steel make it possible

There is a lot of choice of camping cutlery and outdoor lunch boxes - be it plastic cutlery, metal cutlery, or wood cutlery - the right material is as always crucial. However, large heat can damage plastic camping dishes and is also harmful to the environment. We from Alpin Loacker Therefore, we consciously opted for high -quality, durable camping outdoor cutlery made of stainless steel and wooden cutlery. Be it lunch box, thermal container, outdoor thermal bottle, knife, fork, spoons and even gift - 304 stainless steel, titanium and wood is much more robust and environmentally friendly than conventional materials in the outdoor kitchen. The sustainable camping dishes are easier to wash and thus more hygienic, as well as easy -care than other camping cutlery.

The best camping cooker test - what makes a good outdoor kocher?

The material is crucial here. Therefore, we decided on ultra -light titanium, a neoprene thermal coating, as well as high -quality brass - these offer good camping stove isolation and are still easy. Although conventional alcohol and benzincochers also fulfill their purpose - our camping gas cooker systems are still equipped with wind protection and a more stable frame and thus ensure more efficiency on the mountain!

Which outdoor camping kocher gas cartridge buy?

We recommend the Gaskartusche Primus 100G for our outdoor cooking system.
Many systems use valve cartridges or lodging cartridges. We chose the Primus 100 g valve gas cartridge, which can be easily separated from the stove thanks to the valve. These are reliable and high -quality gas cartridges for our well thought -out camping stove.