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Light tents and tarps of Alpin Loacker buy online

The outdoor tent test - which variants are there?

No matter whether expedition tent, trekking tent, 1-person tents, bivouac tent, family tents, hiking tents, or an inflatable tent-the selection is large. However, all outdoor friends agree - ultra -light tents are very popular. They convince with their low weight and small pack mass. There are no universal tents for every use with large temperature differences. It is therefore important to become aware of your requirements! How much am I ready to carry on my tent? What weather conditions expect you? How is the underground? There are also different dimensions for the inner and outer tent. Important outdoor tents are the tunnel tent and the dome tent (also called igluzelt). A dome tent with several crossed rods is called talented - these are more stable than conventional dome tents. Tunnel tents are rectangular and the rods run in an arc shape parallel to each other. This construction is not on its own, such as the dome tent and always has to be tightly tensioned with tent herrings and cords. The advantage is the significantly better ratio of base surface to usable interior. They are tent as a man tent or 2 people.

Buy the right camping tent

The material, the tent water column and the linkage are important here. That is why our tents, as well as our waterproof and light tarp consist of tear-resistant ripstop silicone nylon. This ensures robustness and high tent UV protection. The water column defines how much water can act on a tissue before moisture penetrates. That is why our outdoor tents have one of the highest water columns density you can have: 4000mm. The inner tent is also inevitable at Camping tents. This allows moisture to escape, which can arise from breath and sweating. They also protect internal tents from mosquitoes and insects in the winter-compatible high mountain tents, they also offer heat storage and wind protection.

Care instructions for tents - what do I have to consider?

Before the hiking tent is packed again, you should remove it from dirt, as this can hardly affect the waterproof and the tent UV protection.
You should also go to shady places with the camping tent. Basically, outdoor tents only be stored in a well -dried and cleaned state in order to avoid mold and unpleasant smells. A tent pad can also help protect the tent floor from moisture. It is best to use warm water and mild detergent and dirt to remove the dirt, as well as a soft cloth or brush. There are also special tent cleaners that can be used for tent care.

More and more inevitable - the ultra light weather Tarp tents

Whether as rain and sun protection for trekking, fishing, hunting, or in bad weather situations, as well as as a festival tarpaulin - an outdoor tarp can be used in many ways. Tarps are also becoming increasingly popular as a sun sail and garden! A tarp is almost an outdoor tarpaulin that is set up or hung up with herring and cords. This protects against wind, weather and UV radiation. Therefore, it is also ideal as a sun sail, an inclined roof for camping or wind protection sails. Our ultra -light Tarp convinces primarily with its low weight, robust material and a small packing mass. During multi -day trekking tours and everyday outdoor outdoor!