Upcycling - Wie entsteht das Sitzkissen im Bergrucksack?

Upcycling - How is the seat cushion in the mountain backpack created?

Upcycling - How is the seat cushion in the mountain backpack created?

One of the already implemented project is the back stabilizer or the seat cushion of our Mountain backpack

Upcycling is for us...

When waste is turned into a usable product that can be used for multiple applications. Different materials are upgraded and high quality products like our seat cushion / back stabilizer are created.

Seat cushion back stabilizer Made in Austria Upcycling

What exactly does this work process look like?

Accumulating plastic packaging material such as wrapping film is shredded and brought to a flake-like state. Then, using a specially developed process with a very low energy input, the material is heated and fused into a sheet. After quality control, this is then and refined in the in-house sewing department with high-quality X-Pac material.

Once the final quality control has been completed and passed, the finished seat cushion / back stabilizer is thus up to our standards and can offer you very long good service for a very long time.

If you want to know more about the mountain backpack, its origin as well as its features, visit also the blog article: Backpack - made in Austria - is there such a thing?

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