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Crowdfunding project - Together for sustainable outdoor products

Crowdfunding Alpin Loacker - Sustainable outdoor equipment

What was our crowdfunding all about?

Sustainability is at the top of our list! In addition to the already realized recycling projects, such as the recycling of cardboard & plastic waste, we are now also able to produce products in Austria through our in-house sewing. For this we have already under the heading Outdoor Equipment Made in Austria / Vorarlberg we have already written a blog article.

Through crowdfunding

the Made In Austria project became another mainstay of the Alpin Loacker GmbH and we are proud already several products like e.g. the Mountain Backpack, caps, Tubes, Headbands, Toilet bag, waterproof belly/hip pockets, ULTRA lightweight Dyneema Drybag or the hiking pants for our customers, all handmade in Götzis, Vorarlberg, Austria, to be able to provide. In the course of this, additional jobs were also created.

Sewing Made in Austria - Alpin Loacker GmbH

 To further guarantee the high quality, a part of the crowdfunding budget into product development. Here, our in-house product developers are working together withmountaineers, hiking enthusiasts and our customers are constantly working to improve and further develop the products.


Who has taken the opportunity knows that we had very quickly exceeded the crowdfunding threshold and there has been a very large rush. We can proudly say that in a very short time we received over 371.900€ from our friends/investors.

What can those look forward to who havecrowdfunding project support?

  1. 2021 Interest payment of 7% in December
  2. 2022 Interest payment of 7% in December
  3. 2023 in December you will receive the last 7% interest payment as well as the refinancing of the invested money.
  4. During the entire loan period per purchase (in the store and online store) 15% discount on the entire purchase.

You can find more detailed information about the crowdfunding project ofAlpin Loacker GmbH at 

Crowdfunding Alpin Loacker GmbH

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