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Rescue blanket - which side up

Rescue blanket , bivy sack, bivy sack in orange from Alpin Loacker

Hopefully you carry it around in your backpack for years or even your whole mountain life, you always have it with you and yet you fervently hope that you will never have to use it - the Rescue blanket. And if one needs it then nevertheless times? Often comes the big question - how do I use the Rescue blanket use it at all? The use is not usually practiced and then rather used in exciting, stressful exceptional situations.

Basically, the silver side to the bodythe other side to the outside. Especially in winter, hypothermia can occur quickly at low temperatures. Here it is always recommended to use a waterproof and, if possible, heatproof carpet pad from below as well. However, since you rarely have two rescue blankets with you, you usually have to choose one side or wrap around the person. A great solution for this is a bivy sack.
Our ALPIN LOACKER Bivy sack is ideal for this.

He is directly packed properly, so that the silver foil inside and the orange side is outside. This means that almost no misapplication can take place. Additional tool to remind which side is outside is the orange packaging. It should remind you that the packaging is orange on the outside and therefore the orange side should also be on the outside of the bivy sack.

The ALPIN LOACKER Bivy sack is packed in a practical pack pouch and can be repacked more often. The small bag fits in any backpack. It is only about the size of a fist. Since this is safety equipment, we strongly urge you not to skimp on this item. Neither on size nor on price. It's better to carry something around for years and never need it than to have an accident and have the casualty suffer even more severe injuries from hypothermia.

Another plus point for the orange color -> it can be used in helicopter rescues from some recognized by the rescue team.


ALPIN LOACKER - Life Saver Pro - Rescue Blanket / Bivy Bag


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