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Care recommendations down sleeping bag, ultralight down sleeping bag

Outdoor sleeping bag from Alpin Loacker in blue - outdoor camping

 Recently, we have repeatedly questions from you about our Ultralight down sleeping bag as well as our 3 seasons sleeping bag (Down Pro 3 Season) achieved.

We would like to edit and answer them in our current blog post.


Our two sleeping bag models are characterized by the fact that they are both very light and warm.
Especially the Ultralight down sleeping bag is characterized by its 490g as an absolute lightweight. However, its comfort range is also higher - that is, at 10-14 ° C. This makes it perfect for balmy summer nights, people who generally have rather warm AND it is exactly perfect for the current situation on mountain huts - there are no blankets available - ie a conventional hut sleeping bag is too little - or too cool.

Ultra light down sleeping bag, summer sleeping bag, hut sleeping bag

ALPIN LOACKER - Ultra lightweight down sleeping bag

The 3 seasons sleeping bag is the ideal companion for the whole year - except in the winter time it is recommended to fall back on an even warmer model when sleeping outside. The comfort zone for this sleeping bag is 4°, the limit is 0°. It is also characterized by its - compared to other sleeping bags - low weight of 900g.

Both sleeping bags are light, warm and very compact packable. Say they both have a small pack size.

The down fillings of both sleeping bags are certified with the RDS (Responsible Down Standard).

 Down sleeping bag, 3 seasons sleeping bag, small pack size

ALPIN LOACKER - Down Pro 3 seasons down sleeping bag

Sleeping bag care

Both sleeping bags come in a compact stuff sack. The large down sleeping bag still comes with a separate storage bag, in which the sleeping bag can be stored cool and dry. This is not necessarily needed with the small sleeping bag, since significantly less down was processed. He can of course still be stored in a larger bag.

Both sleeping bags are very easy to clean. After use, any dirt can simply be wiped off with a damp, soft sponge cloth and, if necessary, some mild dishwashing liquid or all-purpose cleaner. We recommend airing out the sleeping bag after each use. Washing is not necessary.

Washing of sleeping bags is recommended after 60 to 80 uses. Those who are more prone to sweating can use a thin so-called hut sleeping bag in the sleeping bag. Then only this is washed separately and it is enough to wash the down sleeping bag after 100 to 120 nights.

If the sleeping bag is then times really washed we recommend for it a down detergent and a suitable wash cycle at the washing machine to choose. (Sports program, delicate wash, down program, ...)

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