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Outdoor seat cushion for camping, hiking and trekking tours

Yellow outdoor seat cushion for camping, hiking and trekking tours - Alpin Loacker

This post will answer the following questions:

  1. What are the Outdoor seat cushion and what properties do they have?
  2. Which seat cushion is the right one (for me)?
  3. Conclusion hiking and trekking tours
Outdoor seat cushion
  • Aluminum seat cushion

The aluminum seat cushion is the most rudimentary of the outdoor seat cushions. This insulating seat pad with aluminum coating protects your buttocks from moisture and cold especially when you don't want to sit directly on the sandy ground or the camping chairs are dewy in the morning. They are foldable and suitable for many surfaces usable for many surfaces. However, if you want to use this seat cushion for colder temperatures and in winter, the aluminum seat cushion is not insulated enough because it is very thin. Aluminum seat cushion for outdoor use with thermal base are absolutely waterproof and weatherproof. They are usually very cheap and available for only a few Euros to have.


  • Folding pillow

The folding pillow is the classic outdoor seat cushion. Due to the low weight and the possibility of folding it is easy to store and transport. The folding cushion is slightly bulkier than the aluminum seat cushion. It compensates for unevenness on the ground better and you sit more comfortably. The conventional folding cushion is made of EVA foam, short for ethylene vinyl acetate. EVA foam is characterized by good flexibility and high elasticity like rubber.

Even at very cold temperatures, the foam still has good flexibility, excellent chemical stability, resistance to aging and ozone, and consistent strength. The waterproof and moisture resistant Outdoor mat protects against dirt and keeps clothes dry.

Even though EVA foam can score with so many more advantages, it is worth mentioning the fabric's age resistance, which is highly appreciated but also a cause for concern: Once manufactured, the plastic does not rot, so improper disposal - in the forest, for example - can have disastrous effects on the environment. Folding cushions are available in stores from about 7 euros upwards.


The all-rounder among the outdoor seat cushion. Sitting on cold and/or hard ground is not only uncomfortable, but can also be unhealthy.

A small, light and uncomplicated solution offers the inflatable seat cushion. This cushion is very light and fits rolled up in any bag or backpack. Externally, it is more like a seat cushion that is round, as the corners are rounded to achieve even smaller pack size. The cushion provides a comfortable seat pad that warms, protects and most importantly is ready to use with just a few puffs of air. It is advantageous if the pillow has an insulating artificial down filling. So it protects even more from the cold. A good outdoor seat cushion should be waterproof. This makes the cushion perfect for all outdoor activities and travel.

Aluminum Seat Cushion

Inflatable cushions are mainly made of polyamide (nylon) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and have a water-repellent and easy-care surface. The advantage of these seat cushions is the relation of weight, pack size and thermal insulation. Another plus point of this pillow is the advantage that it can also be used as a pillow. Either simply for a flat pillow or folded when needed, then it is slightly higher. Inflatable seat cushions can be used as well as children's seat cushions, because they are characteristically smaller than folding cushions or aluminum cushions. Inflatable cushions for outdoor area can be bought from about 15 euros.

  • Floor chair / folding chair / travel chair

There are different names for this outdoor seating, which can make it a bit difficult to find. The travel chair is the diva among outdoor seating. It is a type of seating with a backrest but without legs. A seat cushion for the ground with back support. Ideal for concerts, festivals, or camping. Especially when the ground is not completely dry or snow, the seat cushion with backrest is a practical helper. Due to a layer of foam in the backrest and seat. the Travelchair is well padded and insulated. Built-in fiberglass poles and adjustable side straps create the necessary stability. Opening the straps allows the chair to also be used as a short sleeping pad or for two people to sit on. The outdoor folding chair should be waterproof, ideally waterproof. Depending on the area of use. Due to the size and weight of the folding chair is rather not suitable for hiking. Also for longer trekking tours the chair by the relation of weight and size tends to be rather unsuitable. The Floor chair for outdoor use is available in stores from about 20 euros.


  • Heated seat cushion

As the name suggests, this is a warming cushion that runs on battery power. Many have a USB port so that it can be additionally connected to a power bank. On this heatable cushion you sit even in frosty temperatures and cold wet weather cozy warm, dry and comfortable. Whether as a hunter*in the high stand, in the stadium, when fishing, in the wheelchair or on the snow terrace. It is suitable for people who are particularly sensitive or for those who are exposed to frosty cold for a long time. The outer coating of these pillows do not let moisture through and are completely waterproof. In addition, the temperature can be regulated. Depending on the model and heat level setting, the battery life can last up to about 5 hours. From about 30-40 euros in the trade.


As described above have Outdoor seat cushions have very different properties. It is important to be clear for what kind of activity the seat cushion will be used. A heated seat cushion and a folding chair for the ground are very specific Outdoor seat cushions, and cannot be quickly stowed away in a backpack. In addition, these seats are impractical because they are too bulky, stiff and heavy. Folding cushions are lightweight, inexpensive and smaller like the heated seat cushion, but still bulky in their packing volume.

Inflatable outdoor seat cushion

Especially for a one-day tour or even multi-day tour, the folding cushion is not really useful because it takes up too much space. An alternative is the inflatable seat cushion or the aluminum seat cushion. Both are very light and take up rather little space compared to the other models described. However, this is also the big difference between the two outdoor seat pads. The inflatable seat cushion takes up much less space than the aluminum seat cushion because it is rolled or folded. Another big difference is in the thermal insulation of the two seat cushions. Since the inflatable seat cushion is filled with air and also has an inner insulation made of artificial down, it insulates significantly more than the narrow aluminum mat. The inflatable seat cushion also scores high in comfort, as this more effectively compensates for uneven surfaces, unlike the narrow aluminum seat cushion. In addition, the inflatable seat cushion can be used as a pillow, which provides additional comfort. For those who want light weight, small volume but still do not want to miss thermal insulation and comfort, the inflatable seat cushion is the best choice. Handling is simple and with a few puffs of air the Outdoor Seat Cushion immediately ready for use and is ideal for all hiking and trekking tours just as for everyday use or camping trips.

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