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Recommendation for the optimal choice of hiking poles / trekking poles

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Which poles are used for which type of tour? - There are a lot of different variants. In this article you will learn everything you need to know to make a good choice.

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ALPIN LOACKER - Hiking and trekking poles

Sturdy Telescopic poles are a good start. These can be easily pushed together. The lighter they are, the better. To fix the individual parts are either screwed tight or have Clamps. Small pack size is suitable if you have to carry them sometimes, such as climbing sites. To note isthat the Plate for snow should be about the size as for ski poles. For most other routes, you can remove them, or attach smaller plates if necessary.

For the Folding polesapplies almost the same, except that they can not be pushed together, but folded. The individual elements are connected with a thick cable and are simply threaded and tensioned during assembly. Unlike telescopic hiking poles or trekking poles, here there are no clamps and noscrew mechanism. Thus the Hiking or trekking poles still lighter. Often folding sticks are somewhat more space saving and therefore easier to store. Also the weight is somewhat lower with folding poles, which makes this variant very popular makes.

Carbon Pro folding poles


ALPIN LOACKER - Carbon Pro folding poles


Carbon hiking poles are usually somewhat more expensive than most other materials. For this they areeasier and have a high stiffness which in turn ensures that carbonabsorbs vibrations better. On the other hand, due to its structure, carbon tends to break under high loads, especially at cool temperatures, more than other materials.

Expedition Pro aluminum telescopic poles

ALPIN LOACKER - Expedition Pro aluminum telescopic poles

Aluminum on the other hand isheavier than carbon. Since aluminum hiking poles also somewhat less stiffness than those made of carbon, they are Vibrations are more likely to be transmitted rather than absorbed. Unless they are sprung. This can be, on long hiking tours, quite on the nerves. Aluminum - poles are usually cheaper than Hiking poles or trekking poles from Carbon. The advantage here is that aluminum bends under high loads and tends to break rather rarely.


Cork or foam are very comfortable and hold the palms dry and clean. Full plastic and Rubber lead to sweaty hands and can quickly lead to unpleasant blisters lead. Some handles have an unpleasant abrasion that blackens the hands.

That is another reason why the handles of the hiking poles should be at least Foam, better still from Cork consist ALPIN LOACKER Hiking poles have exclusivelyhave cork handles, the practical handle extension is made of foam.

Trekking poles, Hiking poles, Handle, Cork, Carbon, FoldableALPIN LOACKER - Carbon Pro folding poles - close-up cork handle


Often there is a shorterand a longer variant of the same model. With the ALPIN LOACKER Carbon folding polesis the shorter variantfor people with a height of less than 165 cm intended.

The ideal length setting is difficult to generalize. However, to set the perfect length for yourself there are a few tricks. Basically, when the handle is held in the hand and the pole tip is on the ground, the elbow should have an angle of about 90 °. Here, of course, it is also advantageous to wear the appropriate shoes. For going downhill, you tend to make the poles a tad longer.
The most important thing is and remains above all the "feel-good" factor. The pole length can be calculated as precisely as you like, but if you have a funny feeling, adjust the poles until you really feel comfortable. - then the easiest way is to remember the appropriate length or make a mark on the stick.

We wish you many wonderful and accident-free hours and tours outside.


Carbon Pro folding poles

ALPIN LOACKER - Carbon Pro Folding Poles - Length


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  • peter giger at

    ich habe carbon pro stöcke und bin sehr zufrieden. leider sind aber die spitzen schon verbraucht, bzw. nicht mehr vorhanden. wie kann ich diese ersetzen.
    herzlichen dank und gruss

  • Elisabeth Schießl at

    Hi Alpin Loacker Team,
    leider ist bei einem meiner Carbon Pro Faltstöcke die oberste Kunstoff Verschlusseinheit mit der Alurendelschraube gebrochen. Da ich die Stöcke im Februar als Geburtstagsgeschenk bekommen habe, würde ich mich sehr freuen, wenn ihr mir sagen könnt wie ich an ein Ersatzteil gelange!?

    Danke und Grüße



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