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Everything you should know about gas stoves


What is a gas stove anyway?

Storm Kit Pro Gas Stove

A gas stove is a kind of outdoor stove to facilitate cooking in nature. It can be used to heat liquids, food and also coffee. It mostly consists of two or three parts. The gas stove top, the gas burner and the Gas cartridge. At the flame attachment is an ignition, which ignites the gas with a spark. For more powerful models like our Storm Kit Pro the stove can be ignited by a piezo igniter and you don't need a separate lighter for it. Above the flame is attached a rack, on which the pot is placed to boil and heated directly by the flame.


How does a camping gas stove work?

To generate heat, the Gas stove liquid gas from a bottle or Cartridge. These are connected to the stove by means of piercing, bayonet or screw cap valves.


For whom is suitable Camping gas stove?

The Camping Gas Stove is a lightweight and affordable companion for all outdoor enthusiasts who do not want to miss your hot meals and their morning coffee or tea. Whether you go on a hike, spend a camping vacation with the family, have a picnic or are on the road by bike, the Camping gas stove will not let you down. You're sure to make new friends if you're equipped with a gas stove at the next festival.


Ultralight gas stove with titanium cooking pot

What are the most important criteria for buying a camping gas stove?

With so many gas stoves to choose from, it doesn't seem easy to find the right one. If you orientate yourself by the following criteria, it is not so difficult to find the right one and you will find the perfect one. right gas stove for your individual needs.



Here you need to know how fast the gas stove can generate heat. Thus, the power also indicates how long you need for cooking with the gas stove. The power is given in watts. However, a high wattage also means a high gas consumption. Here you should always set only the necessary power strength with the regulator on the gas stove.


Fuel and cartridge

There are inexpensive plug-in or bayonet cartridges which are quite inexpensive at 1 to 2 €. Then there are Screw cartridges. These have a thread or valve and are slightly more expensive. The gases butane, isobutane and propane serve as fuel. If you use the Gas stove in colder regions, you should avoid butane. While butane only becomes gaseous again at about 1°C and isobutane at about 12°C, propane already changes from the liquid to the gaseous state at about 42°C degrees again. Therefore, a high proportion of propane, which must be stored under greater pressure, in the gas mixture of your stove is advantageous for operation at cold temperatures. Without going into too much detail now, you can therefore remember that when hiking & trekking tours at temperatures below 10 °C you should always use a Gas cartridge with "Wintergas" or "All-Season" mixture should use.

  • Piezo ignition

The ignition creates a spark which ignites the gas. This means that you do not need an external ignition source such as a lighter. Even in strong wind you can rely on the piezo ignition.

  • Type

With a top-mounted stove, the cartridge and the stove are immediately connected to each other. In this case, the gas cartridge usually also serves as the stand of the device. In contrast, a gas stove with external gas supply, both parts are connected with a hose.

  • Number of flames

There are gas stoves with one and up to four flames. To carry as little as possible on a hike, one flame is perfectly adequate. For a family vacation with tent and car, you can consider whether you need several flames.


For a long hike, the weight of a gas stove should be kept within limits. For this there are models like our Ultralight gas stove with titanium cooking pot already from about 50 to 70 grams.

Intended use

The other decisions are based on this criterion. It is very important that you are clear at the beginning what exactly you want to use the gas stove for.

  • Camping

There are many different ways to camp. For example, you can have a tent with you when hiking. In this case the purpose is also the hiking. However, if you go camping by car, you are more flexible with your luggage. You can also take a larger and heavier gas stove with you without any problems.

Camping stove

  • Camper

If you travel with a camper, everything is open to you. You have the capacity to use a larger gas stove. Due to the fact that in a motorhome often travel with several people, you can also consider in this case to choose a gas stove with multiple flames.

  • Boat

On a boat, space is often a little tight. So it would be advantageous in this case to fall back on smaller, easily stowable gas stoves. Since cooking must be done on deck, a good stand and wind protection of the gas stove is indispensable to ensure the necessary safety.

  • Long distance hiking and climbing

If you want to travel long distances, you are of course very limited in terms of weight and size of your luggage. You should therefore small and light as possible.

This also applies to your gas stove. Very advantageous are systems in which you can store cartridges already fitting in the cooking pot, so that you can save even more space.

Fast & Light Gas Stove

If you are in difficult terrain, uneven ground or exposed to weather conditions such as rain, snow or wind, your gas stove should have a secure stand. For this, some systems have a Stand for gas cartridge.




Gas stoves have the reputation of being very safe. Important here is the presence of an ignition fuse and, above all, both the correct and safe handling.


What types of Camping gas stove there are?

Here is a brief description of each of the different types of camping gas stoves for you.

With this gas stove cartridges are simply inserted and replaced as needed. Very often a small plastic case is supplied for protection.

  • Compact burner

It is used together with a piercing cartridge. Both parts are firmly connected to each other and can therefore only be transported together.

  • Gas hob

With this gas-powered cooktop, no time is wasted waiting for the plate to get hot. The gas is ignited and immediately heats the pan or pot. On a trip with the family you are perfectly prepared for lunch.

  • Gas grill

Unlike the charcoal grill, the camping gas grill is heated by heating gases like butane and propane. If you want to have some variety on your camping trip, you can thus have a super BBQ. The gas grill is also available as 2 in 1 with integrated stove.

  • Wok burner

For friends of the Asian cuisine is a wok burner is interesting. This reaches a higher temperature and is therefore very suitable for cooking with the wok.


How much does a camping gas stove?

You can Gas stove (without gas cartridge) already from 15 €. There is a lot of room for improvement. This is the lowest price and often quality segment. It depends very much on the stability, size, weight and accessories.


Gas Stove Compact

Are gas stoves allowed everywhere?

Unfortunately, there is no clear yes or no to this question. Depending on what state you are in, the laws are very different. In the forest, gas stoves are often prohibited. Often there are also special barbecue areas that are designated, where you do not have to worry. You should always inform yourself in advance.

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