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Alpin Loacker gives something back!

Alpin Loacker gibt etwas zurück!

Not only to the environment, but also to the people. For this reason Alpin Loacker this year donated clothing worth over 10,000 euros to the social aid project "Friends of Larguta" donated.

The non-profit association of the Liechtenstein high school, acts as a sub-organization of the foundation "YANA", which has made it its goal to invest in sustainable education and work projects.

"Friends of larguta"  thus represents the YANA Foundation and, together with it, is committed to supporting one of the poorest regions of Europe, in Romania.

Without the numerous orders of our customers and the tireless work of our partners, this would not have been possible. Therefore, we thank all our customers and partners for a great year 2019 and for the opportunity to give something back!

It is a great concern for us to be able to change the world a little bit for the better and to make a contribution. We are proud of the successes recorded and will again support one of the numerous aid and environmental organizations next year.

With every order, our customers help, so that you also contribute a large part to positive change. With the support of "Friends of Larguta".  children, young people and elderly people in the Bacau region of Romania are supported.

Whether it is food, clothing, or help in the development of regional agriculture. We are sure to have made a very good choice with "Friends of Larguta" and YANA and thank these organizations for their constant will to change something.

Together we are strong and help the weaker ones to a better and sustainable future!

Thank you for your support and trust!

Your Alpin Loacker Team

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